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The tick in the working environment

Verges along roads, parks, gardens and set-asides are often locations with many ticks.

One may come into contact with ticks unexpectedly while working. The effects of a tick bite are often incalculable in the event of insufficient prevention. Well-being and health are at stake, and one often only realises the seriousness of the situation when it is already too late!

Ticks are the cause of the Occupational Lyme Disease, which, in chronic cases, can lead to complete disability. Your employer has a duty of care and responsibility to protect you with certified personal protection equipment. An example is Rovince UK's ZECK-Protec tick-resistant clothing.

Rovince UK's ZECK-Protec tick-resistant clothing is fully developed for professional use and offers maximum protection against ticks and Occupational Lyme Disease. The perfect fit and full certification of the ZECK-Protec tick-resistant clothing offer optimum comfort and safety.

Never use non-certified personal protective equipment. Wearing non-certified protective clothing carries enormous health risks!

Rovince ZECK-Protec tick-resistant clothing provides optimum protection and maximum safety!

Would you like to receive the certificates of Rovince ZECK-Protec tick-resistant clothing? Request them free of charge and without obligation.