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Outdoor, the tick's playground

To be able to walk down country roads and wander through forests and not need to worry about ticks. That's a true feeling of freedom!

To be able to fully enjoy the outdoors during your free time, to forget your worries and return home healthy after a lovely day out.
No ticks
and no Lyme Disease: Rovince UK can offer you just that.

Rovince UK's sporty, sophisticated and fashionable tick-resistant clothing is tailored to your needs. Whether you're going for a sturdy hike or a short walk, ZECK-Protec tick-resistant clothing always gives you the protection you deserve.

Don't risk it, don't give ticks a chance. Opt for Rovince ZECK-Protec!

Rovince ZECK-Protec tick-resistant clothing guarantees optimal protection against ticks and maximum safety for your health.