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Certification anti-tick clothing

Ticks, tick-resistant clothing and public health.

Tick prevention is very important if you are regularly active in the outdoors. Checking yourself after an outdoor walk or activities should become a fixed ritual. This reduces the chance of a tick bite, and thus potential contamination with (occupational) Lyme Disease.

However, monitoring alone is not sufficient. Many ticks, particularly small nymphs, often go unnoticed and can easily access your body without additional prevention. Tick-resistant clothing by Rovince also gives this small tick less chance to feed off your blood. Rovince ZECK-Protec protective clothing can be used to cover a large part of your body. The tick therefore has virtually no chance to reach your body.

How dangerous is tick-resistant clothing to public health? Might the cure not be worse than the disease?

This is the first question that comes up when talking about tick-resistant clothing.

Many tick repellents are available on the market without giving too much thought about the dangers of the active ingredients in these agents. Many products are not tested and are not certified. Non-certified products pose a direct hazard to skin and the internal body. The consequences can be disastrous.

Never use non-certified tick-resistant products on your body. Doing so is asking for huge health problems!

All suppliers of preventive agents must be able to present a certificate stating the test results of the protective products. In short, no certificate means the product is not safe!

As a specialist, Rovince only wants to bring safe products to the market. All our ZECK-Protec tick-resistant clothing is therefore fully tested according to professional standards. This certification means that Rovince ZECK-Protec is completely safe and officially recognised as work clothing. This allows employers to use Rovince ZECK-Protec clothing for tick prevention of employees. Note, Lyme Disease is after all an occupational disease and prevention is mandatory!

Each ZECK-Protec Rovince product is tested by independent bodies and comes with a certificate with a unique number. The unique certificate indicates that the garment is safe for public health. Short term and long term risks to public health are also taken into account.

Rovince ZECK-Protec tick-resistant clothing gives you a guarantee. Our guarantee stands for optimum protection against ticks and maximum safety for your health!

Would you like more information about our certifications? Ask for the Rovince ZECK-Protec info package without any obligation.

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